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IHM School and Preschool on 2 Hour Delay TODAY 1/24/19

Remote Learning From Home!

Remote Learning From Home
Ready or not - Remote learning here we come! I know this can be a scary and overwhelming thought. It's new. Technology is intimidating. Parents aren't teachers, but are now expected to teach. It's alot to juggle! Rest assured - we understand your concerns and we are here to help! 
I am closely working with the classroom teachers to make sure all modifications are put in place to make this transition smooth for you and your student. I want to make sure your student feels the same confidence working at home as they do with my support at school. 
Teachers will be sending home their modified work via email. If at any point you find your student needing extra help either via email or through a face to face online session, please don't hesitate to let me know! I've set up a makeshift classroom in our home office and can't wait to use it!
Below you will find resources to assist your student at home. If you need any other resources, please let me know and I'm happy to load them here!
Many Blessings and Stay Healthy,
Mrs. McHugh