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IHM School and Preschool on 2 Hour Delay TODAY 1/24/19

Who is Mrs. B?

I have been a member of our Immaculate Heart of Mary parish for 12 years. My husband and I have three children who have experienced the value of our IHM community. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in painting from DAAP at the University of Cincinnati. I am blessed to teach all students in grades K-8. New this year is "Art on a Cart" where I will be traveling to each of the classrooms for art class. While this year will be a challenge given limited space and inability to share materials, we will still continue to use our imagination and do creative things together. Most of all, we'll have fun, which is what art is all about.
My teaching philosophy for the arts is that your grade is based on your attitude and effort towards the class. Students always ask "Mrs. B, is this good?". My response is always "it's not important what I think, it's how you feel about your work that is important." Often times students are turned off by art class because they don't think they are "artistic" or "aren't very good", but my goal is to help students discover something new about themselves, use their imagination to be creative and develop confidence by showing them basic skills they can build on. Students also learn how look at art and express what they see by holding art conversations. It is through these conversations that students develop valuable life skills by learning to consider other students' opinions and respectfully respond to them. At our core, we all have the ability to create, but sometimes we need to be guided through the process to bring it out of us.