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IHM School and Preschool on 2 Hour Delay TODAY 1/24/19

Classroom Happenings

Mrs. Forsthoefel's Class
May 18- May 22 
High Frequency Words: We have completed introducing all the high frequency words for kindergarten. YEA! Please continue to review all 88 words and throughout the summer.
On Monday  we will have a 10:00 TEAMS meeting reviewing math subtraction skills.
Phonics Letter Ww pages 87-88 and 89-90
Please practice writing letter Ww in green Pictionary and draw three "W pictures".
Please complete book of W words.
Continue to review Subtraction by attending TEAMS meeting and Seesaw assignments.
Chapter 26, We Celebrate that Jesus is Our Friend.
Jesus shares His friendship pages 227-228
We will only have assignments on Seesaw.
Please complete phonics pages Xx 91,92,93 and 94
Complete Book of X words.
Phonics letter Yy  pages 109-110 and 111-112
Complete Pictionary by writing Xx and drawing 3 pictures beginning or ending with and X. 
Please complete Chapter 6 Review/Test pages 353-356
TEAMS meeting at 10:00. I will read "What Is Science?" and we will complete Candy Observation page together.
Please complete I Can Read story for Away! Complete comprehension questions for the story.
Pictionary: write 3 sentences for "W" words.
Please only complete Seesaw activities.
We Celebrate our Friends page 231.
For our celebration on Friday please write 2 sentences about a favorite memory from kindergarten.
Please be prepared to share your favorite memory on Friday'sTEAMS meeting.
Thursday: We will not have a TEAMS meeting today. Sorry, but I have another school meeting to attend.
Please complete Readers Notebook pages 99-100.
Working with Prepositions
Complete Pictionary with 3 sentences with "X" words.
Friday: We will have our final TEAMS meeting today at 10:00. On Friday we will share a favorite memory from Kindergarten.
On Friday we will have our first supply check in day from 12:00-3:00
I will be working supply check in days on:
May 22 12:00-3:00
May 26 4:00-7:00
May 27 9:00-12:00
I am looking forward to seeing you at drop off!!

Welcome back to school,I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and break. I am looking forward to seeing you as we begin school again. Thank you for picking up your new packets in our school lobby. Please try to keep things in the same order that I put the papers in. I will assign the packet work on Edlio at the beginning of the week (by Sunday night) and then each day please check in with Seesaw for videos and extra activities.
Please review high frequency words: have, one, ask, help, every and walk. Please add these words to your word ring.
Please read Someone Bigger by Jonathan Emmett and review the oral vocabulary words: creatures,firmly,kite,launched,light and replied
Today I will read the story Someone Bigger to the children on Seesaw at 11:00
After reading story please complete Readers Notebook pages 75-76
To continue to review letter Ll please complete phonics page 77-78
Please complete Easter Religion Chapter page 233-234.
To review past skills please complete Show What you Know pages 309-310.
We will begin the concept of subtraction tomorrow so please introduce the idea of taking away to make less.
We had two special birthdays to celebrate:
Annabelle and Evan.
By Wednesday,please email me a  birthday wish for both of our friends. Tell me why Evan and Annabelle are special to you and KF. On Friday this week I will be sending a Seesaw video with all of our wishes.
Please review high frequency words.
Please read One of Three written by Angela Johnson I will read this story to the children on Seesaw at 10:00.
To review high frequency words complete readers notebook pgs. 73-74
Continue to review Ll with phonics pages 79-80
In green Pictionary please write letter Ll correctly
Complete Easter Chapter pages 235-236
Introduce the concept of subtraction; Lesson 6.1
Vocabulary to introduce, minus -, take away, less than
Please act out subtraction problems 311-313
Please read One of Three by Angela Johnson again and complete Reader's Notebook pages 77-78.I will talk to the children about this concept at 10:00 on Seesaw.
Review the concepts of Compare and Contrast.
Reader's Notebook pages 79-80 Subject and Verb Agreement
Review Ll with book of Ll words, please print neatly.
Let's Celebrate Easter pages 239-240
Continue Lesson 6.1  act out subtraction pages 314-316
We remember St. George. He is the patron saint of England and always stood up to evil and protected the helpless. Please read today's Mass reading: John 3:31-36
Please review Lesson 27 high Frequency words in the Student reader (pgs. 186-201)
Please read Win a Cup! and Wes Can Help
In Green Pictionary please draw three pictures beginning with Ll.
Please introduce the concept of "taking apart". Please complete pages 317-319 and use manipulative to show how to complete subtraction problems.
Complete Easter Chapter Celebrate New Life and Let's Celebrate pgs.
Annabelle and Evan's birthday celebration
Informal Assessments:
Please review high frequency words: have, one, ask,help, every and walk
At this time review all words on the word ring.
 Pictionary : please complete by writing three Ll words in sentences.
Please review the concept of subtraction by acting out three subtraction stories. Also review the vocabulary minus,take away and less than.
Mrs. Forsthoefel's Class  Holy Week
Mon. April 6-Weds. April 8
During Holy Week please review the following apps and participate in some of the activities with your family.


Catholic Inspired provides free coloring sheets and activities for kids surrounding saints’ feast days, Mary, Jesus, Lent, Holy Week - you name it! Watch a YouTube video on creating a braided Palm Branch; download bead patterns of the Eucharist; and even view recipes connected to important events on the Church calendar!

Celebrating Holy Week at home and not sure what to do with the kids? Catholic Icing’s got you covered. With craft projects for all ages, download the tools you need to help your kids understand one of the most important weeks of the year. Bonus: This site also teaches you how to make saint peg dolls - a favorite among our children

Please complete 2 pages from the Three days packet.
Please review review all high-frequency words,including do,went,just,down,little and only.
Please read Curious George Makes Pancakes written by Margaret Reys.
Please review high-frequency words by completing Sight Word Detective page.
Please complete Seesaw activities.
Please complete Seesaw activities reviewing addition to 10.
Please complete Religion Chapter 3 Days.
Please read stories and review words from Chapter 26 in student Reader: Fun, Fun,Fun and Bug and Cat.
Please complete See Saw Activities.
Please review number words by reading Number Word Poems. Please highlight all number words in the poems and then work on fluency by reading the poems out loud.
Please review addition facts by completing flower addition art activity.
Mrs. Devine has recommended that this final day before Easter Break should be a lighter assignment day. So I am going to ask you to please finish any pages in your packets that have been sent home. However please do not work on Math subtraction pages. I will be introducing subtraction after Easter break.
Also, we have organized the next two weeks of work (until May 4th,) when we are hoping to return to school. I will put the packets in your child's red folder and place them up at school for your to pick up next week. 
My goal is to call each student this week and see how they are doing and if you have any questions. I really look forward to hearing from everyone. I pray you and your family have a very blessed Holy Week and Easter. Also please continue to check on Seesaw for my videos and assignments. Thank you for all of the hard work you are doing!
Mrs. Forsthoefel's Class
Week  :
March 30-April 3
 This week in Religion I would like you to please  look at the attached sites and complete some of the activiries:



This week we will introduce High Frequency Words: do, went,just,down,little and only.
Please add these words to your word ring and then review all words on your ring.
Please read Kitten's First Full Moon written by Kevin Henkes on google
1. Review Oral Vocabulary: interesting, special, pleased and admired
2. Complete Reader's Notebook pages 69-70.
3. Complete Seesaw activities about the phases of the moon.
Please continue to review addition to 10 with activities and Seesaw
 Review high frequency words for the week and then complete Readers Notebook pages 67-68
 Review short u sound with phonics pages 112-113 and complete book of short u words.
Seesaw activities for addition review. 
Please read Kitten's First Full Moon by Kevin Henkes 
Complete Readers Notebook Conclusions pages 71
Readers Notebook on Singular and Plurals page 72
Please Read Lesson 26 Student Reader Stories 
Fun, Fun,Fun and Bug and Cat.
Please complete addition activities on
and Seesaw
Please read and discuss Gospel reading for the day John 8:51-59
Review short u with rhyming words page and CVC words page in packets.
Pictionary: Please write Uu letters correctly and draw three pictures beginning with U.
Complete Seesaw Fluency activities.
Complete addition to 10 with ABCYA and Seesaw activities.
Assessment Day:
Beginning Sound Assessment pages 76-77
Please write word family rhymes for:
mug_______     sub_______   cup_______
hut ________   fun_______     bus_______
Please write 5  Uu letters correctly
Please correctly answer Seesaw activities for addition to 10
Week of March 23rd-March 27th
This week will be a review for the following High-Frequency Words:
over, her, when, some, away, must, by, there,make, play, said, good, them
give, say, new, was, then, ate, could, she, all, he and no.
Please make sure each work in on your child's word ring.
We will review the letter Kk and Hh
We will introduce short o and blend CVC words using short o and e
  Complete Kk Phonics pages 67, 68,69 and 70.
               Please complete Book of Kk words.
               Read Bread Comes to Life written by George Levenson
                  Review Oral Vocabulary: container, tropical,weeds, speckled
Please continue to review addition facts with sums up to 5.
Monday complete lesson 5.9
Continue to review Sign of the Cross with religion page. Please be sure to cross over your body when making the cross.
See Saw activities will be posted daily.
Read together Pie in the Sky, written by Lois Ehlert
Complete Readers Notebook pages 59 and 60.
Complete together K W L chart about trees and what grows on trees. Revise chart after reading story and complete L, what you learned after reading Pie in the Sky story.
Complete March Journal page
Complete Seesaw activities
Complete Math addition lesson 5.10 and Seesaw activities
Chapter 23 First page.
Complete Pictionary, Writing letter Kk correctly, Please take care when making lower case letter k, make sure the body of the letter does not go above the mid line.
In Student Reader, please review Lesson 25 and read Six Pigs Hop and Play,Kid,Play.
Complete Readers Notebook page 58, 61(letter review) and 62, writing 3 sentences with one review word in each.
Continue reviewing addition facts with Seesaw activities and Lesson 5.11
Page 2 in Chapter 23
Religion Begin reading Gospel of the day John 5:31-47
I will include a reflection on Thursday
Please read Pie in the Sky again and discuss how illustrations enhance a story. Then complete Rreaders Notebook graphic organizer pages 64,65 and 66
Complete Pictionary by drawing 3 pictures beginning with letter Kk and then writing a sentence for each of the three pictures. Be sure to include correct punctuation.
Complete Seesaw activities that will be assigned
Review addition facts with Lesson 5.12 and Seesaw activities
Assessment Day
Please read all high frequency review words for the week
Please correctly write letters Kk and Hh
Please read Student Reader stories Six Kids Hop and Play,Kids, Play
 Complete Chapter 5 Addition review/ test page 303.
After you review these skills please give me a message on how your child is doing.
Complete the day with Seesaw activities assigned

Week of March 16-March 20     Remote Learning Goals and Plans 

Religion : Study of Saints-  St. Patrick, St. Joseph and Jesus as the healer  

ELA: Journeys Lesson 24 

           Listen to stories: Chameleon, Chameleon and Red Eyes or Blue Feathers on YouTube. 

           Please comple Readers Notebook pages. 

           Phonics letter Hh Complete Pictionary  

Math:Practice addition skills using Go Math Lessons provided. 

All other materials for Week One are to be used as a resource for parents to support learning. 

Physical materials do not need to be returned, only a snapshot of one math page and one Readers Notebook page needs to be emailed to me by the end of the week. Please email or text me with any concerns or questions. 


Learning websites:


Youtube Learning and Singing

Jack Hartmann

Phonics Dance by Jenny Dowdy

Dr. Jean videos and songs



Tuesday March 18th

Dear Parents,

    Thank you for working with me yesterday as we began our distance learning. I have heard a lot of positive feedback and received many good snapshots of my friends and their work. Thanks and keep those photos coming! I will be posting all of my daily assignments on this site from now on but feel free to text me or email me anytime.


ELA Please listen to and read Chameleon,Chameleon. written by Joy Cowley.  Here is the link to access it on Youtube: 

After listening to the story and reading along complete Readers Notebook pages 53 and 54 and Readers Notebook pages 58 and 59.

To review the short e vowel please read The Wet Pet book, which is in your week one packet , and complete the last three review pages.



Please continue to review addition by completing Lesson 5.5 and Lesson 5.6.

Please look on:


and work on math facts for 15 minutes.

Thank you for all of your work at home and please know I am here to answer any of your questions.

Many Blessings,

Mrs. Forsthoefel


Thursday March 19

Good Morning my friends. I have loved all the great messages and pictures you have been sending me.

It is good for us to stay connected.


Today is Thursday and we would begin our day with Mass. I would like you to read the Gospel for the day,

Luke 2:41-51 

          In this reading Jesus went to Jerusalem with his mom and dad and his whole family. When everyone returned home Jesus was not with them. He had remained at church. His parents were very worried and ran back to find Jesus peacefully talking and teaching everyone. He told his mom and dad to always look for him in his father's house. He then went back with his mom and dad and listened to them with great respect. 

       I bet you can imagine a time you were lost from your mom and dad and they were worried just as Mary and Joseph were. Jesus knew he was in a safe place in God's house and he would be found. Remember Jesus will always find you anytime you feel scared or lost. We need to just remain calm and pray to Jesus.

       I hope you are able to still remember the three things we are working on during Lent.

               1. Praying more

               2. Fasting (giving something up)

               3. Giving to others.

Please tell me how your Lenten promises are going. I promise I will pray for you and your family everyday.



Please listen/ read Chameleon,Chameleon by Joy Crowley 

and Red Eyes or Blue Feathers

complete Conclusion page in Readers Notebook pages 55 and 56

Please review Popcorn words for the week:  away,must,by,he, no and there  please add these words to your word rings.


Please read from your Student Reader Chapter 24   

Hog in a Hat  and Kid Hid

In your Pictionary please draw 3 pictures, with details, that begin with the letter Hh.



Please continue to work on addition facts to 5 and complete lesson 5.7 and clover skip counting.


Thank you for continuing to do your best and showing me your great work. Please try to only do the pages I have assigned for that day.(do not move ahead). If you are looking for more academics please work on Max Scholar on your ipads and I also heard from some of our friends that they are enjoying

Please contact me if you need anything!


Mrs. Julie Forsthoefel


Friday March 20th

We have made it through a whole week of remote learning and we have done a great job! I have heard from most everyone and have seen some great work. Today I added Seesaw as another platform for us to use in the upcoming weeks. If you have not signed in already please go to my email and sign in. If you are experiencing any difficulties please contact me and I will need to give you another code. Here are the assignments for today.



      Please complete your Pictionary for the letter Hh. You will need to write a sentence for each of the three pictures you added yesterday.

      Please go to Seesaw and complete the assigned Fluency Practice Reading.

      Please read one Studies Weekly and complete last page.



      Please complete the St. Patrick's Day Graphing page.

   Please review addition Facts using Lesson 5.8

   Please go to Seesaw and complete Adding within 5 Game.

I am looking forward to seeing your responses on Seesaw.



    Every day at 4:00 I will be saying the Rosary. I would love to have you join me in this time of prayer. Please let me know if you have any special intentions.


At the end of each week I will ask parents to assess your child on the skills presented that week.


For this week please have your child:

Correctly write the letter Hh  

Come up with at least 5 words beginning with Hh.

Write at least 5 words with a short i sound (CVC)

Understand the concept of addition, including vocabulary "plus" and "equals"

Begin adding facts to 5


God Bless and stay healthy,

Mrs. Julie Forsthoefel