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IHM School and Preschool on 2 Hour Delay TODAY 1/24/19

Class Happenings: 5 - 7th Grade

YOU DID IT !!!! 
Remote learning in music class is officially OVER for this year! I am so proud of you all! If you still have any work to turn in or questions, please feel free to reach out to me at any time via email.
Love, Ms. B
Wk 8 May 11-15
All remote learning assignments due May 15

*Please use this week as an opportunity to get caught up!!

You will know if you are caught up on assignments by checking Option C. C= Complete, I=Incomplete. 

*You can access past assignments by scrolling down this page. 


* OPTIONAL:  I have included an activity for you to celebrate spring! This is just for fun, so no need to submit anything to me via email. 

 Click on the link below to view a listening map of “Spring” by Antonio Vivaldi. 

As you listen/watch it,  draw a picture of your favorite thing about spring.   


Vivaldi “Spring” 



May the Fourth is the week!!! May the Force Be With You! It is Star Wars week!! Please follow this link, watch the video, and answer the following questions. You may copy and paste the questions to a word document and email me, email me the answers only, or scroll down to a word document and share the document with me. Please submit by Friday, May 8th to  .
Star Wars | Wookieepedia | Fandom
1. Who is speaking at the beginning of the video?
2.This is the marching band for which university?
3. Who created (directed) the Stars Wars movies? 
4. Who wrote the music (composer) of the Star Wars Themes? 
5. There are as many as 7 different Star Wars symbols that the marching band creates in this video. Name at least 3 - 5 of the symbols. 
APRIL 20 - MAY 1
Please click on the attachment labeled BINGO BOARD at the bottom of this page for your new assignment.
Monday, April 6th - Wednesday, April 8th
Way to go making it through 3 weeks of remote learning! This is CATCH UP week in music. If you still need to complete the viewing guide for "The Wizard of Oz', please complete and either snap a pic and send via email or email me the completed document at 
If you have already completed the viewing guide and would like to further explore some related themes from 'The Wizard of Oz',  you may reflect and write using the following prompts. THIS IS NOT REQUIRED!!! If you do choose to do this activity you are welcome to share with me via email but this is just for fun. 
*Traveling Shoes: If you had magic shoes that would take you anywhere, where would you go? Write about 3 places you would go and why. Draw a picture of what your shoes would look like. 
*If I Only Had: What if you could ask Oz for one thing? What would you ask for? What would you do with it? Write a short paragraph ( at least 5 sentences) answering these questions. 
* What Character? Who was your favorite character from 'The Wizard of Oz'? What did the character look like? Name a song that character sang. What did the other characters think about this character? What did you like best about this character? What did you like least about this character? Draw a picture of your favorite character. 
As we are beginning to learn about the history of musicals and how music plays different roles in musicals please watch 'The Wizard of Oz' and complete the viewing guide. You may do this in one sitting or spread out over time. Grab some popcorn and ENJOY!! Please complete and snap a picture of the viewing guide or email me at
*Printable Week 3 questions are attached at the bottom of this page.*
‘The Wizard of Oz’
Viewing Guide
Week 1: Due 3/20:
1. What are Aunt Em and Uncle Henry doing when Dorothy finds them at the beginning of this story?_______________________________________________________________
2. Why is Dorothy upset? _____________________________________________________
3. Dorothy sings,” Somewhere Over the Rainbow’’ after Aunt Em tells her to find a place where she won’t get into any ________________________________________________
4. Why does Dorothy run away? _______________________________________________
5. Who is the first person Dorothy meets after she runs away? _______________________
6. The storm is described as a ‘twister’. When a tornado of this size approached the farm where did everybody go? ___________________________________________________
7. After Dorothy bumps her head she starts seeing unusual things outside of her window. Name on unusual thing she saw. _____________________________________________
8. When the house finally lands, Dorothy opens the door. What is the one new thing you notice? _________________________________________________________________
9. Who is the first person Dorothy meets somewhere over the rainbow? _______________
10. What land is she in? _______________________________________________________
11. Who appears at the end of the Munchkins’ celebration? __________________________
12. What does the Wicked Witch want? __________________________________________
13. Glinda told Dorothy that there was only one person who could help her get home. Who is it? ____________________________________________________________________
14. What directions does Glinda give Dorothy to get to the Emerald City? _______________
WEEK 2: Due 3/27:
15. Who is the first person Dorothy meets on the yellow brick road? ___________________
16. Why does the Scarecrow want to meet the Wizard of Oz? _________________________
17. What unusual thing is Dorothy attacked by? ____________________________________
18. Dorothy finds a man made entirely of what metal? ______________________________
19. What does the Tin Man want from the wizard? _________________________________
20. The Tin Man joins Dorothy and the Scarecrow on the yellow brick road. What cowardly character do they meet next? _______________________________________________
21. What does the Lion want from the Wizard? ____________________________________
22. The Wicked Witch wants to keep the group from getting to the Emerald City. What poisonous and beautiful flower does she fill their path with? ______________________
23. How does Glinda the Good Witch help break the spell the poppies put on them? ________________________________________________________________________
24. What kind of horse do they see in Emerald City? ________________________________
25. What message does the Wicked Witch write in the sky above the Emerald City? ________________________________________________________________________
26. What does the Wizard of Oz ask them to do before he will grant their requests? ________________________________________________________________________
27. What creature does the Wicked Witch send to capture Dorothy? ___________________
WEEK 3:Due 4/3
28. Why can’t the witch take the ruby slippers off Dorothy’s feet? ________________________________________________________________________
29. Once the Wicked Witch has then surrounded, she sets poor Scarecrow on fire. What does Dorothy do to save the Scarecrow and accidently destroy the witch? ________________________________________________________________________
30. When they return to Emerald City, who is the man behind the curtain? ______________
31. What does the Wizard of Oz give to the Scarecrow? _____________________________
32. What does the Wizard of Oz give to the Lion? __________________________________
33. What does the Wizard of Oz give to the Tin Man? _______________________________
34. What is the Wizard’s plan to get Dorothy home? ________________________________________________________________________
35. After the Wizard leaves, what does Glinda tell Dorothy to do? ________________________________________________________________________
36. When she wakes up, she is at home in her bed. Does anyone believe that she went on a journey? What do you think they believe happened to her? _______________________
37. Some stories have a moral or a message that teaches you something. What do you think the moral of this story is? ___________________________________________________
38. What is your favorite song from the musical and why? ___________________________ ________________________________________________________________________
39. What is your least favorite song from the musical and why? _______________________
40. Would you recommend this musical to a friend? Why or why not? __________________