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IHM School and Preschool on 2 Hour Delay TODAY 3/21/18

My Bio

My name is Trishia Current. I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. I grew up in Milford and attended the University of Cincinnati. I have my Bachelors of Science in Secondary Education: Language Arts, and I am licensed to teach 7th-12th grade Language Arts. I also have minors in English literature and psychology.

This is my fifth year teaching and my fourth year teaching at IHM. I teach 7th grade Language Arts, as well as Journalism and Microsoft Office Suite. I began my teaching career as a Fulbright scholar in the Czech Republic, teaching English as a second language.

I became an English teacher because I have a passion for improving the lives of students and all aspects of English, including reading, writing, and grammar-- yes, even grammar! 

In my free time, I like to spend time with my wonderful husband, son, and Dutch Shepherd Dora, travel, play soccer and volleyball, and sing karaoke!

IHM is an extremely kind and accepting community of people who truly have the students' best interests at heart, and I look forward to many more years here at this amazing school :)

Recent Posts

Welcome Back IHM!
I hope everyone has had a fun, safe, and faith-filled summer. The staff at IHM is eagerly awaiting your return! This year in 7th grade language arts, students will be challenged to read more novels, become more independent, and take on leadership roles in the school. I look forward to seeing everyone at the Backpack Blessing/Parish Picnic and cannot wait to welcome the new 7C! 
Hello, students and parents!
This year has been a wonderful year full of personal, spiritual, and academic growth. I hope students will continue this growth over the summer by praying daily, attending mass with their families, playing outside with friends, enjoying the beautiful weather, and using the resources below to enhance their learning. I cannot wait to see all of our returning 8th graders thrive in their new leadership role and to meet all of the incoming 7th graders in August. Thank you for your continued support of our amazing IHM community.
Have a wonderful summer!  
Mrs. Current
Students are working productively to prepare for their debate on Thursday! They will represent either the Greasers or the Socs and argue about who is to blame for certain events in the novel. 
Pen Pal Club is now officially under way! We had our first meeting last week, and what a turn out it was! Students were so excited to receive their pen pals from Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary. I cannot wait to see how much they learn from their international pen pal! Students in grades 6th-8th may still join Pen Pal Club if they are interested. Please see me by the end of this week.
As most of you know, my classroom recently moved to flexible seating. Flexible seating allows students various seating environments to choose from and has been proven to keep students engaged in and accountable for their own learning. 
I cannot thank those who donated enough! You truly have made a difference in our students' learning. I have already seen an increase in student engagement and cannot wait to keep seeing the positive repercussions of flex seating. If you'd like to see more pictures of our classroom, please see the "Flexible Seating" photo album. 
Thank you for your continued support!
Summer planning with Miss Shore last week to meet the needs of our high-achieving ELA learners! :) 
Find out more information about this EXCITING opportunity below... copied from Miss Shore's website! 

And you thought we had summers off! Spending this beautiful June afternoon planning with Trishia, gearing up for a whole new spin on ELA for the upcoming year...

The 2017-2018 school year kicks off with something new for grades 6, 7, 8: an Advanced ELA class. I am SO excited for this, and so grateful to be in a school that is increasing its offerings for high ability and high achieving learners! Most of you know that I have worked with several teachers over the past few years and been in a variety of subject areas and grade levels, but only once per week. Instead, I will be narrowing my focus to serve all three of my days in the 6, 7, and 8 ELA classrooms to support this new endeavor. In May, I met with Julie Field, Lizzy Linke, Trishia Mudd, and an HCESC colleague to determine the multi-faceted qualifying process that includes Lexile scores, as well as Language Arts ability, achievement, and performance. We are all eager to jump into this together, and continue to expand the ways we meet students’ academic needs! Shout out to Krista Devine for her vision, creativity, and unwavering support for every type of learner!  

P.S. To clarify---ExCEL will continue to serve students who are identified as gifted at IHM, so no worries about one program replacing another. ExCEL and Advanced ELA are two completely different ways to meet the needs of our students, with completely different qualifying requirements. IHM's Gifted Services is EXPANDING what we do and how we do it---not trading one program for another. Great stuff!  :) 

Today, students participated in the Outsiders debate, in which the Greasers and Socs battled it out and argued topics like death, responsibility, and blame. If you want to see more pictures, see the "2016-2017 Outsiders Debate" album! :)

Final Exam Prompts

Today in class, students received the prompts and rubric for their final exam. Students worked in groups to create graphic organizers they will use to help them prepare for their essay. They will not receive the prompt until the day of the exam; they are required to prepare for all prompts. Details are on the attached overview.
Please let me know if you have any questions!

Research Project Grades

Grades are up! Student rubrics are in their "Research Project" tab on OneNote. Overall, I was very impressed with the students' TouchCasts. My main qualm was with their script, and the fact that most students continue to use 1st and 2nd person pronouns in formal writing. We have discussed all year that 1st and 2nd person pronouns do not belong in formal writing. We will continue to discuss this, and there will be a significant consequence if students use these pronouns in their final essay, which they will receive the overview and rubric for this Wednesday. 

The Outsiders Graphic Organizers

Students are expected to update three graphic organizers-- character chart, setting diagram, and plot diagram-- while reading The Outsiders. I have it posted on the homework board and on Ascend periodically. When this is posted as homework, I will check their organizers. For each time their organizers are not updated, students will lose two points per organizer. They will receive a final grade for each at the end of the book. We will discuss this grading in class today.
Please let me know if you have any questions about this assignment.

Research Projects

Students shared their TouchCast research projects with me yesterday. Today, we will be watching some of these TouchCasts. Students who allow me to show theirs to the class will earn 5 extra credit points. I am also allowing students who would like a little more time to finalize their TouchCast to have the opportunity to do so while we are watching the projects.
I'm excited to see the students' final projects! :)