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Immaculate Heart of Mary is a fully accredited school by the State of Ohio and the National Catholic Education Association


The curriculum follows the Graded Course of Study of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.  Our program provides opportunities for the student to grow in personal awareness of God, self and others.  



Standards describe what students should know and be able to do with content at each grade level. Standards are not curriculum and do not dictate what content should be taught. Standards indicate the skills, competencies, and fluencies students should be able to apply to the content of instruction. The emphasis of the new standards is three-fold: focus (few key topics pursued in greater depth), coherence (sequence of topics following a logical progression with an increasing degree of complexity), and rigor (challenging content and application of knowledge and skills). Since the state standards can be applied to any curriculum, there is no danger of compromising the Catholic identity or independence of the Catholic school. Catholic schools will continue to implement their own curriculum. The key for successful adoption of the standards is the manner in which the content is delivered and in what expectations are set for learning activities and outcome expectations students will experience.  The standards reflect 21st-Century learning needs defined by educators, university-level academicians, and influential thinkers across the globe. We feel that a tie to the New Learning Standards will further enhance the depth of knowledge in our Catholic schools, and ensure that our schools continue to fulfill their strong reputation for academic excellence.


Our school provides an excellent environment for our students. The teachers create a learning atmosphere filled with rich instruction while incorporating the gospel values. We will continue to look for ways in which our school community can grow and improve on what we are doing well. We are open to growth and will make adjustment and improvements when necessary to meet the needs of our current students. With the New Learning Standards, instruction will delve deeper into the material in order for all students to gain a better understanding of the "Why" and "How”, essentially moving away from the memorization that has been emphasized in the past.  Our students have always performed high on the standardized tests they are given.  This is a product of high quality instruction, not a goal.  


Throughout our school you will find classrooms which contain large and small group instruction, learning centers, a comfortable blending of traditional as well as contemporary methodology, outlets for talents of every kind and happy and enthusiastic children who express exactly what our school is about!  21st century learning is infused in every classroom throughout every grade level.