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Cafeteria News 


Welcome back to school! 

This is a suitable time to check your student's Cafe account balance. Please look over the information below so that you and your student are ready for the first day of school. The Cafe needs volunteers every day to help keep the lunchroom clean and to see that students enter the Cafe in a timely mannerIt is a fantastic way to visit with your student during his/her lunchtime. All volunteers must be SafeParish trained. 


How Do I Volunteer? 

Please contact our Cafeteria Manager Belinda Puening at [email protected] 


How Do I Set Up an Account? 


Log onto and set up an account. Each student is assigned a student ID number. If you don't know your student's number, you can obtain it through the teacher or the school office. There is no fee to use the site, but a fee is assessed if you deposit funds into their account online. 


Why Should I Set Up an Account? 

See what your student is purchasing 


Keep track of your student's balance 


Receive communications when balances are low 


Deposit funds electronically into their lunch account (optional) 


Free & Reduced Lunch Program 

IHM does offer a free and reduced lunch program for qualifying families. A form will be sent within the first month of school to complete for this service. If you need this immediately, please contact Ms. Durstock at [email protected] 


How Can I Deposit Money into My Student's Account? 

Electronically through  There is a fee to do this and funds do not show up immediately into their account. Usually, it takes up to 24 hours. 

Send a check to school IN AN ENVELOPE MARKED with your student's FIRST and LAST name and ID number in the memo space. 

While check is preferred, cash is also accepted, but it is ESPECIALLY important that the students FIRST and LAST name and ID number are on the envelope it comes in. We have a lot of children with similar first names and we are unable to properly credit accounts if we do not know who the money belongs to. 


What Happens When My Student Has a Negative Lunch Account Balance? 


It is VERY important to keep up with your student's lunch account balance. If student falls negative for two consecutive lunch purchase days and reasonable attempts have been made to notify the student's parents/guardians, an alternate lunch may be served to the student until the balance is brought up to date.   



Our computer system automatically sends out emails when balances fall below $4. If you are not receiving these messages and feel you should be, first check your SPAM or TRASH folders for an email from "Mosaic" or "myschoolbucks". If you are not getting the notification, we have an incorrect email in our system. You can send an email to [email protected] with the email you would like to use to receive the notifications.

What Can Be Purchased in the Cafe? 


Menu Hot Lunch: We provide a hot lunch on our menu every day for $4.00 (includes milk or water). The monthly menu can be found on the school's website. There are times when we must change the menu due to item availability, so it is important to read the weekly newsletter for updates. Milk is $0.80 


Ala Carte Items: We do our best to provide students with daily options: hot dogs, hamburgers, soup, fresh wraps, and salads every day. Ala carte items cost extra and are not included in the price of the daily hot lunch on the menu. 


Bottled juice and Gatorade are also available but are not included in the price of the hot lunch on the menu. IHM's PTO purchased water fountains with refilling stations that allow students to fill up their water bottles. Students are encouraged to bring their water bottles to lunch and fill them up. 


What If My Student Has a Food Allergy? 


All allergy information is shared with us through the school's Health Aid. Any student with a food allergy has a notification on their lunch account that states what the allergy is so staff can do their best to keep students healthy. If you have a particular health concern, please feel free to contact the Cafe at any time to further discuss any allergy concerns your student has. 


Can I Restrict My Student's Purchases? 


All students with allergies can have allergy restrictions noted on their account, but only students in grades K-3 may have purchasing restrictions. These can include things like "hot lunch only", "treat on Friday only", "no juice".